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Riverwood Malinois WM, Inc., is a family owned kennel located in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Our malinois are raised in a family environment, not kennel raised. Riverwood Malinois produces high quality working Belgian Malinois puppies. Our Malinois have extreme drives and are bred from the best European bloodlines.

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It is our passion and our goal to preserve and improve this amazingly versatile breed. Our Belgian Malinois and Belgian Malinois puppies are extreme healthy and well socialized with people, animals, and locations, such as woods, water, buildings, and noises. Owning a dog can be a rewarding and happy experience for the entire family. Deciding to own a dog should be an important decision, a matter that cannot be taken superficially, simply because a dog is not just a furry being, an amusing present, or a fun diversion. Basic dog obedience training is certainly a necessity for all dogs. Basic dog obedience training is more than just telling a dog to do what we want him to doRead More!

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