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The Belgian Malinois, is a popular breed often chosen by military police, FBI, and police forces. Are you ready to put the time in to care for this type of dog? The Belgian Malinois needs a lot of activity due to its high energy, so make sure you give it plenty of playtime if you choose this breed. The Belgian Malinois is very affectionate and will fight to the end to protect its family. 


Rick Paskel

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You many asks what does it take to be a trainer of your dog?

There are many dog trainers in this world.  Some are amazing, some are so-so, and let’s be honest, some are downright dodgy.  As a modern dog trainer, what are some traits you should possess to be considered a great dog trainer?

Patience, Sense of Humor, Creativity, Flexibility, Confidence, Humility, Open Mind, Diplomacy, Tolerance for being Dirty, and Hoarder of Dog Equipment!

I consider myself having a little of each one. My passion for training the Ultimate Working Dog is second to none! 

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